Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to Dry Raspberry Leaves for Tea

Raspberry tea is a beverage that contains many beneficial properties. Vitamins A, B, C, and E, citric acid, calcium and potassium, among other nutrients, help this tea pack a powerful antioxidant punch. Choosing to drink raspberry tea may have health benefits including increased energy, and improved circulation. For pregnant women, raspberry tea is known as providing improved uterine tone. Naturally, raspberry tea can be purchased, but if you have access to raspberry bushes, both wild and domestic, then making your own tea can be a straightforward process.

1- Pick stocks of raspberry leaves from a wild or domestic raspberry plants. It is advised to pick these leaves while the plant is blossoming because the leaves are most fresh at this time. Leaves that are picked later in the season can also be used, but those picked once the plant has produced fruit, will generally be of low quality and flavor.
2- Dry the stocks and leaves by laying them between two window screens -- any clean window screens can be used. Be sure to adequately space the leaves so that the drying process is faster. Lay these screens containing the raspberry leaves in a sunny and dry area such as the sidewalk or patio.
3- Allow the leaves to dry for approximately three days. Check the leaves to see if they have fully dried or if they need more time to dry.
4- Use the fully dried raspberry leaves to make wonderful hot or cold tea. Steep approximately 1/2 oz. of leaves for five to ten minutes in boiling water and enjoy a cup of hot tea or chill to make iced tea. Add honey, sugar, or lemon to sweeten the tea if you like.

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